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How to Switch It Up: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Lid Direction on Your Dometic CFX Fridge

girl removing lid from Dometic Fridge

The Challenge

Are you the proud owner of a Dometic CFX DZ75 fridge, but the lid opens in a direction that doesn't fit your van layout needs? Are you struggling with changing the lid direction to make it work in your space? Perhaps you've scoured the internet for a tutorial but found nothing helpful. Fear not! I've been there too, and I've created a video to guide you through the process step-by-step. Read on to learn more about the challenges I faced and how I overcame them to make this video.

Finding Dometic Fridge Instructional Videos

Before I could start creating my video, I had to figure out how to remove the lids and change the lid direction. This involved carefully reading the user manual and searching for videos that showed the process in action. I did not want to break my brand-new fridge, it was expensive! After many attempts trying to find a good video, mostly shown on the Dometic's Australian sister brand, WAECO, I decided to try to piece together these "tips" for myself. Following the verbal advice of an Aussie, without seeing it for myself, I bit the bullet and tried his tips to disassemble the fridge and change the lid direction. I documented the steps of the process and made sure to provide clear instructions and visuals.

The Video Showing How to Change the Lid Direction

Once I had completed the lid direction change, I started filming to demonstrate how to remove the lid and put it back on the hinges. In the video, I share helpful tips and warnings to ensure safe and successful completion. If you plan to change the direction from which the fridge opens, follow the video to remove the lid. Then, you will remove the stainless steel hinges with a screwdriver and switch them to the opposite side. There are covers over the holes where the hinges will go on the other side. Carefully remove those covers, secure in the hinges, and move the covers to other side where the hinges were first located. You will see in the video how to secure the lid back in place on the hinges that have now been relocated.


In conclusion, changing the lid direction on a Dometic CFX DZ75 fridge can be a daunting task, especially without seeing the process. As an owner of the fridge who faced this challenge myself, I decided to create a video tutorial to help others in the same situation. I hope that this video will provide a helpful resource to those looking to change the lid direction on their fridge.

If you're struggling with changing the lid direction on your Dometic CFX DZ75 fridge, check out my video tutorial on YouTube. With clear instructions and helpful tips, I'm confident that it will make the process easier and more manageable.

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